Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Wallet Out Of Your Back Pocket

Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Wallet
Out Of Your Back Pocket

Chiropractic Flower Mound TX Back Pain

One of the very first things I learned as a chiropractor in Flower Mound is that my wallet was causing me back pain.  Most men carry their wallet in their back pocket.  This throws the entire pelvis and lower back completely off balance causing a binding and pinching of the spine in the lower back.  This intern causing irritation to the muscles and nerves associated with that area.

I have told thousands of patients this story and yet few listen to my advice.  Many rejecting it as nonsense because they said they cannot even feel the wallet.  I challenge you, If you are a person that wears their wallet in their back pocket to switch sides of where your wallet rests and sit on it for 15 minutes.

Consequences Of Keeping Your Wallet In Your Back Pocket

There are several big problems with keeping your wallet there. When you sit down with your wallet in your back pocket it shifts your hips and your spine into abnormal positions as shown in the image above. Sitting like this for long periods of time starts to change the structural alignment of your pelvis and spine as the tendons and ligaments start to adapt to this abnormal position. This comes from a theory called ‘ligament creep’ which explains that ligaments will start to adapt to altered levels of stress after approximately 14–15 minutes. So, if you are seated on your wallet for 15 minutes, your spinal ligaments actually start to change and become less effective at stabilizing the spine’s normal alignment. Without correcting the structure and altering the habits that caused the issue, chronic low back conditions can occur.

Several symptoms are formed with this malfunction of the spine.  Sciatica is one such symptom.  Sciatica is the pain that travels from your back down your leg. Lower back pain, pain in hips or groin, pain in knees and feet, these are to list but a few of the complications that sitting on a wallet will cause.

The great news…. It can all be fixed with the help of your chiropractor.  First, remove the wallet and place it in your front pocket (after you get rid of all the junk that you have no need of in your wallet). Second see your chiropractor at Freedom Wellness Center in Flower Mound and tell them you are a recovering back pocket wallet-holic. Third, never wear your wallet in your back pocket ever again.

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