Workout Wednesday: Pecs

Woman Lifting Weights

The pectoralis muscles, the “pecs” are one of the most common muscle groups to be avoided in medical practice.  This muscle group is the primary cause of hunch backs and mid-back and neck pain.  These muscles are show muscles guys love to work them to the point of overkill and ladies underwork them for the same reason.  The pectoralis muscles will pull the shoulders inward causing a severe tightness in shoulders and mid-back.

Over time this dysfunction will cause pain, inflammation, tearing of rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, and even heartburn.  The solution is quite easy. If you are one of these people that tend to slouch and have poor posture, then you need this program.  The program is quite simple.

Preventing Strains in Flower Mound TX

Simply stretch the pectoralis muscles and strengthen to antagonistic muscle groups to help reverse the damage of the overused pec group.  In men it is typically too much muscle mass and requires significant muscle strengthening to the back muscles to correct this.  In women, it is typically too much weight in the front and not enough muscle in the back to support said weight.  This weakness in both groups leads to said dysfunction.  The correction protocol is the same in both men and women.

The exercises that will help the most is rows, reverse flys, lat pulls, stretching your pecs in a doorway or corner.  Hitting these muscle groups with heavy weights for 6 weeks you will see a significant improvement in your posture and reduction of pain in mid-back and neck.

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