Monday Motivation - When You Want To Quit, Remember Why You Started

Mother and Daughter

You know that feeling that everyone gets when they have a new idea?  When they start to plan out the new adventure? When the idea takes shape and becomes a super exciting moment in your life?  That excitement for the future, for possibilities, for benefit and gain are the driving factor to get you started to get you motivated to take risk and jump into the new adventure.  The problem is keeping that same motivation throughout the entire journey.

Staying Motivated Through Projects

Most people start projects with so much gusto and then quickly die out.  Why is that?  I think they forget the reason they started the entire project in the first place.  They forgot the excitement, the newness of the idea, the vision of the end-product or goal.  They lose their desire to finish because they lost their vision.

This post is all about, “When you don’t want to continue”, sit down and remember the “WHY”!  Remember the feeling of giddiness.  Remember the feeling of excitement.  Remember every feeling and sensation you had at the beginning.  Get back in touch with the “why” of your world.

Every project or goal or life itself is filled with potholes and detours.  For some reason we never account for those in our planning or dream stage.  If this finds you in the pothole of life, then get up and remember and get back to work.  Great things come to those that finish what they started!

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